Gestaltung & Umsetzung

TheLEDies – LiveMotionInstallation

Two mysterious, luminescent sculptures create an abstract atmosphere with a curiously beautiful “Live Art Motion”. Through a spontaneous and unexpected invasion of the homogenous field that is the human mass, a stress field results between spectator and performer. In this invisible, 3-dimensional kinetic sphere, a mystical dance begins between two cells suffused with light, through which the dependency between them and the public becomes apparent. A constant transformation creates the illusion of two beings in their cocoons who influence and attract each other and define their limits anew over and over again. 

“This was an absolutely brilliant (and completely unexpected) live art installation, and also a great compliment to what was happening on stage.” Johnny Bliss // FM4

Current content and projects can also be find on: https://theledies.com/ 

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